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Ashley Ray - Cake Artist

Customer Testimonials

"The cake you made for the baby shower was perfect! The mom-to-be loved the ducks and bubbles and people that were walking by were even noticing the cake. Thank you so much for making the perfect cake for Stacy's bridal shower!" - Amy S.

"The bridal shower cakes were amazing and everyone loved them! Thanks so much for doing those for really made the bridal shower sweet!" - Channing B.

" Thank you so much for the cake.  It turned out beautiful and I think I ate most of the cake balls!!  They were soooo amazing!!" - Erica M.

"I want to thank you for helping me celebrate my birthday this year. It really meant a lot that you made the awesome cupcake cake and you did an amazing job!" - Melissa M.

"Thank you so much for the beautiful cake! Justin and I felt so special to have our own wonderful cake and we definitely enjoyed it!" - Jenny C.

"Thanks so much for coming to my birthday party and for the best Scooby Doo cake ever! I also enjoyed the matching cupcakes!" - Kaydence B. & Laura B.

"Ashley & Jeff - Thank you both so much for making our wedding cakes. They were so pretty (as well as very yummy) and definitely make our wedding day sweeter!" - Suzanne & Justin L.

Serving the greater DFW area

Please call 214.450.6936 or visit my contact page for more information!

Ashley Ray - cake artist